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NATEC OF TEXAS, INC. provides the latest state of art training methods to deliver both English and Spanish education in;

Asbestos Training, Asbestos Worker Training, Asbestos Supervisor, Management Planner , Project Designer Training, AMT, Air Monitoring Technician and Refresher training for all courses listed above.

Lead Training, Lead Worker Training, Lead Supervisor Training, Lead Inspector Training, Lead Risk Assessor and Lead Refresher Training for all courses listed above.

Mold Training, Mold Remediation Worker Training, Mold Assessment Technician, Mold Assessment Consultant, Mold Remidiation Contractor and Mold Remediation Training. We also provide Refresher Training for all courses listed above.

HAZWOPER Training, OSHA Safety 10/30 in the General Industry and Construction Industry, RFCI Training, NIOSH 582, Air Monitoring Technician .

Our instructors have over 27 years of experience training workers all across the United States, including Puerto Rico, Haiti and Aruba.

Training since 1987

We are an Asbestos Licensed Training Provider in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas and Montana.

If you need any training and course dates are not listed please call us @713-472-4022. We can provide any training per request as needed.

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Concealed Handgun License and Renewal Classes by Texas Certified Instructor, USMC, Vietnam Veteran

The class fee for an original license is 75.00

713-472-4022 Call to confirm class.

Please call for prices on courses


Ordinary renovation and maintenance activities can create dust that contains lead -even small amounts of lead can harm children and adults.

As a contractor, you play an important role in protecting public health by helping prevent lead exposures.


As of April 2010, contractors performing work that disturbs lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities, and schools built before 1978 must:

  • Be certified by the US Environmental Agency (EPA), and
  • Follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.


Classes for groups can be scheduled call 713-472-4022

Onsite Training is available

Lead Renovator 2016 Course Calendar

 Eng 1 ,22Eng 7, 21Eng
 Spn Spn Spn
2016 Lead Renovator Renewal
 Eng 5 (1pm)Eng 4, 25Eng
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Classes for groups can be scheduled. If you need any training and course dates are not listed please call us @713-472-4022. We can provide any training per request as needed.


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